The 4 advantages of a GPS robotic mower

GPS robotic mower: a revolutionary technology

Between now and spring 2021 Belrobotics plans to officially launch the GPS RTK versions of its professional robotic mowers Bigmow and Parcmow as well as its robotic golf ball picker, the Ballpicker. Although this technology already exists and was tested some ten years ago, it has only recently gained full maturity, reaching a cost that is extremely attractive to its users

For three years Belrobotics has been developing and testing GPS versions of its robotic mowers in as many situations as possible. 30 prototypes have thus traveled different grounds between Belgium, the Netherlands and the United States. The first feedback turns out to be extremely positive.

The benefits of the GPS robotic mowers

Obviously, integrating GPS technology in robotic mowers is not at all trivial. This has an impact on the price of the models, but the various benefits definitely compensate the initial cost.

 An accelerated cut

A traditional robotic mower does not cut straight up and down but at random. Mowing a whole ground thus becomes a time-consuming activity, since the robotic mower will sometimes pass over zones that have already been mown. Robotic mowers with GPS guidance are now able to smoothly cut in a linear way. Thanks to this development they can cut up to three times more surface in the same timespan.

The robots can reach a cutting speed equivalent to that of a conventional tractor-mower without human intervention. A Belrobotics robot is capable of cutting up to 3 football pitches in a single day. In another order of magnitude, a standard Bigmow is needed to cut 2 football pitches. The smallest model, the Parcmow RTK, can now perform this task within the same timeframe.

 A more accurate cut

Considering the GPS function in your phone or car, you could say that precision is far from perfect and that your future GPS mower might as well end up where it should not be. Rest assured, RTK technology offers razor-sharp surgical precision within 3 to 5 centimetres. This allows the different models to mow a field in long and nice straight lines without leaving any visible marks. The ideal solution if you desire a field mown to perfection.

How does it work?

YouTube video

Robotic mowers with a higher capacity

Increasing the accuracy implies augmenting the capacity of the robotic mowers once and for all. As explained earlier, a Parcmow GPS is capable of cutting what a standard Bigmow can maintain. So, the same model is capable of cutting much more without having to return to its recharging base. This allows you to organise yourself even better by mowing only at certain times, whenever is convenient for you. For football pitches or other large areas with a high use percentage this is a considerable advantage: you can increase the number of training sessions or the duration of use of your installations.

More possibilities

The guidance technology for robotic mowers also presents other specific advantages. The RTK technology for example functions with a GPS receiver that acts as a relay between the satellites and the robots. So, the robot always remembers its last position. This means that, even if the device must return to its base, it will start cutting again from exactly the same place where it left off. This, once again, is very time saving.

Another advantage is that the robot modifies its cutting plan by 45 or 90 degrees once a full cycle is completed. This avoids leaving any permanent marks on the grass and increases the quality even more.

Finally, with the arrival of GPS models, a new application and portal come to life in order to better control the fleets of robotic mowers. You can control them all from a smartphone while conducting the following activities: receiving notifications, changing the different parameters, geolocating the robots, filtering them according to certain criteria, modifying the boundaries of plots of land, marking zones as prohibited, etc.

Wide area robot mower, a sizeable advantage

For anyone responsible for maintaining large areas, mowing capacity is crucial. Companies, public organisations, and even some individuals may need to maintain areas whose size greatly exceeds 1,000 square metres.

Well aware of the frustrations people experience, Belrobotics has invested in the development and production of robot lawn mowers capable of mowing 10,000 sq m areas without difficulty. You can even say it has become a specialty of ours.

Our Bigmow model, for example, is capable of mowing areas of up to 24,000 square metres. For professionals with even larger areas, the option to assemble a fleet of multiple robot mowers makes it easy to keep large areas well maintained.

robot tondeuse

A wide area mowed to perfection

Your lawn needs more than just mowing capacity. It needs to be green and healthy. Our wide area robot lawn mowers use multiple blades to keep your garden looking its best. These razor-sharp blades do not damage your lawn. Instead, they cut it into fine particles, a sign of highly efficient mulching that greatly reduces matting and increases the quality of your lawn. What’s more, the lightweight robot mower also prevents damage to your grass, even where mowing is difficult.

True cost savings with a robot mower

What so many people love is that robot lawn mowers produce true cost savings. First of all, they lower the human cost. Individuals with large gardens can save a colossal amount of time, as can businesses and public organisations, freeing people up for more complex tasks. That adds up to serious financial gains!

Robot lawn mowers also use less energy, which can save you lots of money. Compared to traditional mowers and the cost of fuel, the Bigmow uses at least €100 less electricity per year. Its operating cost can be up to seven times lower than a diesel tractor!

robot tondeuse grande surface

GPS RTK robots, even more performing

Belrobotics recently developped robots with a GPS RTK navigation system, this system allows the robot to mow in patern. The robots equipped with this system can mow a much larger area with the Bigmow RTK ( BM 2050) being able to mow an area up to 75.000 m².

Discover more about our RTK robots!

Uncompromising security

Some people worry about the security of robot lawn mowers. But did you know that thefts involving robot mowers are extremely rare? You can’t always supervise a robot that can mow at any time of day or night. No need to worry! Our smart robot lawn mowers come equipped with an application that notifies you in the event of an alert. You can even track your robot’s location by GPS. Not only that, our robots cannot be used on land where it does not belong.

Simply put, robot lawn mowers are fully capable of maintaining massive areas just as effectively as traditional mowers, but at a fraction of the operating cost.

Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself what professionals have to say about our robot mowers! You can also contact us to request a free quote or view our authorised dealers!

Why choose a professional robot mower instead of several little robots?

Choosing a mowing facility for maintaining large areas (football pitches, sports grounds, golf courses, public parks and gardens, or private grounds) demands careful thought. Choose several robot mowers or a single robot? Four reasons why you should invest in a professional robot mower.

1. Reduced installation cost

A single robot requires only one docking station, one electricity supply, and a single perimeter wire, instead of two or three for several robots.  Several perimeter wires increases the risk of interference. A single robot mower offers you undisturbed mowing, simplified installation, and reduced set-up costs. The expenses associated with the electrical supply are considerably lower for one robot mower than for a fleet of robots.

2. No wires crossing the area

When several little robots are installed, the wires cross the area. On sports grounds, these wires are irreparably cut during major maintenance (aeration, scarification, etc.). With a single professional robot, the wire runs only round the perimeter, and hence will remain undamaged during major maintenance.

Terrain tondu par plusieurs petits robots

Terrain tondu par plusieurs petits robots

3. Reduced repair and maintenance costs

The more robots there are, the greater the likelihood of running into complications. Even if it’s under guarantee, having a robot mower in for repair disrupts the whole mowing schedule. Not counting the time and energy lost contacting after-sales service departments. What’s more, the overall maintenance costs are lower for a single robot than for a fleet of machines, and the life of a professional robot mower cannot be compared to that of smaller robots. Battery life and power are greater for professional models.

In terms of robot wear, note that the area the device can cover is not its real intensive capacity. So don’t choose a robot with a maximum capacity of the area to be mowed – allow a 20% margin of extra capacity. Buying models that are going to be overstretched or choosing models that won’t have the capacity to ensure an impeccable cut all year round is not a good calculation.

4. A professional cut, reduced grounds maintenance costs

Grass cut by a professional robot guarantees reduced maintenance costs: the clippings are smaller, providing more nutrients to the soil and thereby constantly improving grass health. What’s more, a pro robot mower is more robust. It lets you cut all kinds and heights of grass and clear even quite large obstacles. Thereby reducing possible system blockages, which waste power.

  • Cut precision and quality mulching
  • Cutting capacity in higher grass
  • Clears obstacles unaided
  • Robot mower life

5. An even cut for an impeccable grass surface

Using several robots, the cut height must be exactly the same. If this is not the case, even with a difference of only a few mm, the robot mower with the lowest cut height will be the only one working a great deal. As a result, the cut lines made by little robots will be much more pronounced.
By way of an illustration, note the photos of grounds maintained using several little robot mowers and the one of an area mowed by a single robot. The quality is noticeably higher in the second.
And lastly, choosing a professional robot mower instead of several little robots is also an environmentally-friendly gesture. Less pollution and a single battery and shell to be recycled.

Discover the Belrobotics range of robot mowers for maintaining football pitchespublic or parks and gardens or company groundsgolf links or private gardens.

Synthetic vs. natural football pitch: comparison table

The cost of a synthetic pitch: a cost-effective investment?

The financial argument has often been put forward: “Thanks to the subsidies granted, the playing hours available, and the virtually zero maintenance costs, a synthetic pitch is the most cost-effective solution.” However, this statement is not accurate. The costs of installing (€400–500,000) and recycling the pitch are high, and the argument about unlimited hours needs to be qualified.

In point of fact, do all clubs really make use of the additional hours made possible by the synthetic? And what additional costs are incurred by using a pitch at night?

Is a natural pitch a durable choice?

A natural pitch is the longest-lasting choice, provided it is well maintained. In point of fact, the quality of the pitch maintenance is what will determine the durability of a natural pitch and the cost of maintaining it. The enormous advantage in maintaining natural pitches using robot mowers is the efficiency and quality of the cut, and all at a competitive cost. Moreover, opting for a natural pitch with robot mowing is an environmentally-friendly choice.

The environmental impact of synthetic pitches is colossal: synthetic fibres from the petrochemical industry, very negative carbon footprint for construction, and high recycling cost for synthetic pitches after 10 years’ use. Furthermore, a number of studies show that the risk of injury is greater on a synthetic pitch. Finally, the scientific studies contradict each other, but it is not proven that the “rubber infill” used on synthetic pitches, made from car tyre residues, is not carcinogenic.

Type of pitch Natural Natural using robot Hybrid using robot Synthetic
Playable hours per year 400 hours 600 hours 700 – 900 hours Unlimited
Usable during periods of frost Limited Limited Limited Slightly limited
Costs and maintenance
Installation € 120 – 180 000 € 135 – 195 000 € 250 – 400 000 € 400 – 500 000
Annual cost of mowing € 4 000 – 8 000 None None None
Irrigation Medium Medium Medium Low
Treatment (fertilizer & pesticides) High Medium Medium None
Other maintenance (sanding, scarification, aeration, etc.) High Medium Medium Low
Cost of recycling pitch None None Intermediate High
Environmental impact
Emissions High Very low Very low Faible/None
Clippings High None None None
Total carbon footprint High Low Intermediate Very high
Impact on health Favorable Favorable Favorable Negative
Thermal dissipation Natural absorption Natural absorption Natural absorption Up to 40% warmer

In conclusion, for small and medium football clubs, natural pitches equipped with a robot mower and high-quality maintenance are the best alternative. The larger football clubs in major towns will do well to combine a synthetic or hybrid football pitch with additional natural areas equipped with e robot mower.

Garden design: consider a robot!

When planning a garden layout, let your own taste be your guide! However there are a few essential rules of thumb to guarantee a long-lasting and easy to maintain garden. Do you have a large garden? Then consider using a robotic mower for easy management of garden maintenance and absolute peace.

The robotic mower is your biggest ally!

Why does the robotic mower appeal to both landowners and professional gardeners? Robotic mowers are no longer new; continually revised and compared to other professional mowing solutions, it has become essential equipment for any large property (a robot is economically justified for any property of 2000 m² or more).

  • Save time and energy
  • Reduced labour costs
  • An immaculate lawn independent of external factors
  • Ecological solution and no noise pollution

Do you have or are you considering buying a tractor mower? Carefully read the five reasons to choose a robot.

Garden design and robotic mower: rules to apply?

Yes, even though the robot must adapt to the garden, not vice-versa. It is preferable, as far as possible, to arrange the garden with the robot’s operation in mind.

  • Stairs

Robotic mowers are currently unable to use a staircase. So, must I avoid a garden layout consisting of steps?! Of course not! But remember to leave another route for the robot or allow for the fact that you will have to move the robot manually to the other zone. The problem of sloping gardens is discussed in the last question.

  • Clearance width

The clearance width for the robot depends on the model of robot. The cutting width varies according to need. But for a private property, allow at least 250 cm clearance width. Given that a spacing of at least 200 cm is required between trees or between a tree and a fence, for both aesthetic and practical reasons (necessary for the development of the tree), the robotic mower’s requirements are not too strict.

  • Obstacles

A quality robot easily allows for the various obstacles involved in a garden layout. The protection of flower beds, trees and all types of landscaping is guaranteed. There is therefore no special measure to be applied, other than careful installation by professionals. Because Belrobotics models are equipped with sonar, they approach obstacles gently. Results: no damage and absolute security. Note that the robot would reach its cruising speed on unobstructed surfaces.

The robotic mower and sloping gardens?

What about the garden slope? Is the robot capable of handling a difficult surface? Yes, but certain models are better adapted for particularly hazardous slopes and obstacles.

  • Slopes of up to 30% for the standard models, and 45% for the biggest model.
  • Wheels with treads and a powerful motor: all-terrain safety and efficiency!

Interested in the robotic mower solution? Find all the information and answers to your questions in the Selection section of the Belrobotics blog and watch the video on robotic mowers on private property

Robotic mower: how to choose one?

Are you thinking of choosing a robotic mower as your mowing solution? How do you choose a robotic mower without making a mistake? What do you need to watch out for? Pay attention to several criteria to really take advantage of the robot’s features!

Terrain and obstacles

One factor that is too often neglected because it is an inconvenient truth for some dealers: the robot cannot cope with all types of terrain!

  • A special garden layout? Check the criteria to be fulfilled for a robotic mower to be able to do its job perfectly. And always use a robot with a multizone programme if the mowing surface is divided into several areas (for example, if the front and rear parts of the garden are connected by a path).
  • With regard to sloping terrain: robotic mowers can handle a maximum slope of 30%. Except for the Bigmow by Belrobotics which can climb 45% slopes.

Another common mistake is the failure to consider the specifics of the terrain when choosing a model. These details have a major effect on the efficiency of the robot.

The mowing surface area, but not only that…

Robotic mower models are generally categorised according to their mowing area capacity. Be careful, because choosing a model solely according to this rated capacity will often lead to a loss of economy. Why?

  • The maximum mowing capacity is calculated based on an obstacle-free surface
  • A poor choice will lead to the robot operating beyond its capacity: decrease in robot longevity and mowing quality!

Don’t miss out on the benefits of the robot. An overloaded robot will very quickly turn out to be a useless purchase that will not last. In addition, models designed for large surfaces often have more advanced features:

  • Several floating cutting heads and multizone programming
  • Equipped with a charging station: the robot is then really autonomous
  • A shorter charging time
  • A sophisticated security and remote control system

Opt for professional installation of the robot

You will find a range of documents concerning the installation of a robotic mower, but nothing beats a professional installation. The comparison to other purchases requiring professional installation is easy. Always choose optimum installation and after-sales service. Many users end up disappointed after having a robot installed by a non-professional person.

Conclusion: don’t do things by halves! Treat yourself to a quality robot that is 100% autonomous and truly silent. This doesn’t just mean that you will no longer need human intervention to mow your grass, but that you will eliminate all of the unpleasant aspects of mowing. Do what you want, when you want. The robot works for you without bothering you.

Tractor mower: Five reasons to choose a robot!

1The robot: a silent gardener

The first point is obviously that the robot is completely autonomous. Its ancestor, on the other hand, remains dependent on human beings. Sure, but…

  • « I like gardening. It’s relaxing. Mowing whilst sitting down will be more comfortable »
    yes you’ll be seated, but do you really think that being bounced around, with a constant deafening noise, will really be more pleasant?
  • « I don’t want to fire my gardener »
    the point is not to get rid of your gardener, but to leave the thankless, noisy task de la of mowing to the robot! This will save time for other tasks or shorten an employee’s working hours.

Don’t forget about the impact of noise on health. There are many studies showing the harmful effect of noise on the nervous system and the cardiovascular system. The danger is present from 80 dB, and the average noise made by a classic lawnmower is 95 dB. For more information about noise and its effects, read the articles published by the CIDB (Noise Information and Documentation Centre)

The robotic mower becomes the gardener of your dreams: discreet and quiet. But the tractor mower will carry on literally busting your ear drums!

2Consider the environment!

Whether or not you are an environmentalist, choosing the solutions of the future is a winning bet. Choosing the tractor mower is not a forward-looking decision. Go fuel-free, switch to green solutions.

Reducing your environmental impact is no longer just a trend, but a requirement. Whether you are a professional or a private individual, make a choice for the future: respect the environment and get involved in sustainable development. Ecological branding, convenience and savings are sure to follow!

3Demand a perfect mow

The primary function of a mower is to cut grass and lawns with a view to obtaining a surface with a regular surface. But in addition to a regular mowing length – which is not easy to obtain with all mowers – it is also a matter of obtaining a mown lawn that is very green, with thick growth, and free of all impurities. In this regard, the robotic mower will make your life much easier with…

4… real mulching

The robotic mower performs real mulching, effortlessly! In fact, the mulching technique cannot be performed properly unless the cut is regular! In other words, many people choose a mulching-type tractor mower but often they are disappointed with the results, because it demands frequent mowing. A classic mulching-type mower requires up to 3 mows per week in season, to avoid leaving too much residue!

5Grass without impurities

The robotic mower automatically eliminates undesirable features! Say good-bye to weeds, grass diseases, moles and any soil damage without the slightest difficulty.

In conclusion, the robot alternative is a smart investment that will satisfy you even better than a tractor mower. Buying a robotic mower means you can permanently forget about all the inconveniences related to manual and riding mowers.

Make a sharper choice by discovering Belrobotics robotic mowers

Golf ball collector: why choose a robot?


One of the main selling points is the financial savings. The purchase of the ball collecting robot is a substantial investment, but its profitability will be better. You will soon start to make savings: better management of your personnel and unlimited accessibility.

  • Ease of management and reduced personnel

Unlike the other cutting-edge solutions currently used, the robot is totally autonomous. Just one machine for a professional job. Unlike the traditional ball collector which, despite recent advances, still depends on a towed solution (ssv utility vehicle) requiring a human operator. This reduction in personnel is all the more valuable because of the complicated situation: the human resources for this task are seasonal and should ideally vary rapidly according to demand. It is extremely difficult to find employees who are that flexible and available. Thanks to the robot, personnel management becomes easy!

  • Available driving range and total safety

The robot works continuously: imagine having an employee at your service 24/7! This makes the driving range constantly available and pleasant to visit. Even at the busiest times, the driving range is under perfect control and guarantees you perfect safety. So you can avoid all types of accident caused by ball collection.

  • No lost balls

More mundane but not negligible: the robot ensures that all of the balls will be retrieved in perfect condition. Its cousins have an annoying tendency to bury thousands of balls each year by pressing them into the ground, but the robot makes them all retrievable for you!

Ecological equipment

By choosing the ball collecting robot, you are backing tomorrow’s economy. Reducing the environmental footprint has become an important challenge for every company. Investing in green technologies is no longer just the prerogative of big companies; it is becoming a real requirement. Ecological branding is good for everyone. Turn away from needless fossil fuels; this change is overdue!
Concretely, the ball collecting robot gives you :

  • A 90% reduction in CO2 emissions (compared to the equivalent thermal machines)
  • Consumption similar to that of a refrigerator
  • No exhaust gases, no odour

Unbeatable quiet and performance

Silence might be good for your health, but it is essential for concentration. A golf course, by definition, is a place that should be quiet. Golf etiquette is well established, and each player is expected to be quiet when another golfer is playing. Isn’t it logical that the maintenance infrastructures should be governed by the same code of conduct? Imagine continuous action with no annoying noise.

And the robot outperforms every other solution on the market:

  • Up to 12,500 balls collected per day
  • It returns to base and recharges totally autonomously
  • Easy agile programming
  • Silent and systematic ball collection
  • Guaranteed protection of the balls

“The only shots you can be sure of are those you’ve had already.Byron Nelson

Get one shot ahead by choosing the world’s only ball collecting robot, the Ballpicker by Belrobotics.