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Depreciation period (In years)
Depreciation period
(In years)
years y
years y
Purchase costs
Purchase costs Costs Amort. Amortization Costs Amort. Amortization
Mower {{brCost | formatMoney}} {{brCost/brDepreciationPeriod | formatMoney}}
{{myCost/myDepreciationPeriod | formatMoney}}
Charging station
Charging station {{brCharge | formatMoney}} {{brCharge/brDepreciationPeriod | formatMoney}} - -
GPS-RTK Base {{brBase | formatMoney}} {{brBase/brDepreciationPeriod | formatMoney}} - -
Installation costs ({{brInstall}}€ + {{brPriceByMeter}}€/m)
Installation costs
({{brInstall}}€ + {{brPriceByMeter}}€/m)
{{getLandCircumference()*brPriceByMeter+brInstall | formatMoney}} {{(getLandCircumference()*brPriceByMeter+brInstall)/brDepreciationPeriod | formatMoney}} - -
Total cost of purchasing the mower
Total cost of purchasing the mower {{getBrPurchaseTotal() | formatMoney}} {{getBrPurchaseTotal()/brDepreciationPeriod | formatMoney}} {{myCost | formatMoney}} {{myCost/myDepreciationPeriod | formatMoney}}
Recuring costs
Recurring costs Costs Amort. Amortization Costs Amort. Amortization
Annual mowing (Amount of mows)
Annual mowing
(Times / Year)
Regular mowing according to schedule
times/year t/y
Working Hours
(1h = +/- 2500m2)
Working hours
(1h = +/- 2500m2)
{{brWorkingByYear}} h {{getMyWorkingByMow()*myAnnualMowing}} h
{{brWorkingByYear*brWorkforce | formatMoney}}
{{getMyWorkingByMow()*myAnnualMowing*myWorkforce | formatMoney}}
Actual area/ Recommended area of the robot
{{getBrAreaRatio() | formatPercentage}}
Energy consumption costs
Energy consumption costs {{getBrEnergy() | formatNumber}} kWh {{ernergyCost*getBrAreaRatio() | formatMoney}}
{{getEnergyCost() | formatMoney}}
Yearly Insurance
Yearly Insurance -
Yearly winter maintenance cost
Yearly winter maintenance cost -
{{getBrPurchaseTotal()*(brWinterMaintenancePercent/100) | formatMoneyFraction}}
{{myCost*(myWinterMaintenancePercent/100) | formatMoneyFraction}}
Waste disposal costs
Waste disposal costs Very thin Mulching
{{myWaste*myAnnualMowing | formatMoney}}
Total costs
Total costs
{{getBrAllTotalYear() | formatMoney}}/year
{{getBrAllTotalYear()/landSize | formatMoneyFraction}}/m2
{{getMyAllTotalYear() | formatMoney}}/year
{{getMyAllTotalYear()/landSize | formatMoneyFraction}}/m2
CO2 emissions
CO2 emissions
{{getBrAllCO2Year() | formatNumber}}/Kg CO2
{{getMyAllCO2Year() | formatNumber}}/Kg CO2
This estimate does not include the installation costs, which depend on the specificities of the terrain, such as the perimeter of the terrain, the roughness of the terrain, the obstacles, the location of the charging station, the power supply, the clearance, the quality of the satellite reception (GPS-RTK).
Savings made
{{getMyAllTotalYear()-getBrAllTotalYear() | formatNumber}}
{{getMyAllTotalYear()/landSize-getBrAllTotalYear()/landSize | formatNumber}} €/m2
{{getMyAllCO2Year()-getBrAllCO2Year() | formatNumber}} Kg CO2
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