Advantages of Belrobotics robots

50% savings

Lower energy consumption, double service life, save time and labour. Find out about the solution that is 50% more economical than traditional mowing.

Optimised labour

Day and night, and at any time. Only Belrobotics robot mowers run their program continuously to obtain a perfect result.

Perfect lawn

Floating heads with stainless steel blades. The robot mower for large areas perfectly follows the unevenness of the ground and preserves your turf. A healthy and impeccably-mown lawn.

90% less CO2

The mowing result is 100% natural. Our unique blades provide perfect mulching, which means your ground will be fertilised and resistant.

Continuous innovation

More and more robust

Aluminium robot mower chassis to protect against dust and moisture.

Increased reliability

Quality automowers. From the chassis to the wheels and up to the connectors.

Unrivalled user experience

Secure system and optimised mowing of your lawn.

Even quieter

High performance sound insulation without reducing performance of the robot mower.

Simple to maintain

Simple installation and maintenance with remote updates of the robot mowing software.

Find out about our new models

Reinvented connectivity

  • Web portal as a hub for your fleet
  • Tablet and smartphone application
  • User-friendly technology controlled at your fingertips
  • Realtime anti-theft solution
  • GPS location and geofencing alerts
  • Maintenance history


Discover our packages

Bigmow Connected Line

For your green spaces up to 24 000 m²

The Bigmow robot mower is suitable for individuals, public bodies and businesses that manage green spaces up to 240 ares. Decide on the undisputed champion in the maintenance of sports grounds, golf courses, public parks or private gardens.

  • Mowing capacity

    Up to 24.000 m2
  • Electricity costs

    € 150 / year
  • Cutting method

    5 floating heads
  • Safety

    5 sonars

Bigmow GPS-RTK BM-2050


The Bigmow BM-2050 is available in its GPS-RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) version. This new navigation mode provides strip pattern mowing. Do you want to operate in wire-free mode? With our WiseNav technology, your robot mower navigates without a boundary wire.

  • Mowing capacity

    up to 75,000 m² (WiseNav)
  • Electricity costs

    +/- €300 / year
  • Cutting method

    5 floating heads
  • Safety

    5 sonars

BallPicker GPS-RTK BP-1250


The BallPicker GPS-RTK BP-1250  collects up to 12,000 balls in 24 hours on driving ranges. With GPS and Real-Time Kinematic technology, it operates autonomously 24/7 and without a boundary wire (WiseNav). A patented world exclusive, serving golf clubs.

  • Operating area

    30,000 m²
  • Electricity costs

    +/- €240 / year
  • Efficiency

    13 collecting discs
  • Safety

    4 sonars
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