Mow to the schedule of your estate

Parcmow automatically monitors the maintenance of your green spaces, without the need for human intervention.

Its quiet-running and ecological action is combined with reduced usage costs. The charging process conducted at a low voltage station is automated and safe. A durable mow with average annual energy consumption at barely 580 kWh.

  • Mowing capacity up to 12.000 m2
  • 3 independent floating mowing heads
  • Energy savings
  • Absolute safety due to 5 sonars
  • Mowing capacity
    Up to 12.000 m2
  • Electricity costs
    € 100 / year
  • Cutting method
    3 floating heads
  • Safety
    5 sonars


  • Individuals:
    Parks and Gardens

    Make the most of your little piece of paradise, while your robot mower operates without any disruptive noise. Economy, sustainability, and connectivity. We know your priorities.

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  • Business:
    large grounds

    Control your budgets and your carbon footprint. It starts with the automated mowing of your green spaces. Your robot mowers can even navigate on extreme sites.

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  • Sports club:

    Automatic strip mowing: quiet and safe. Those are the primary advantages of robot mowers. Your pitches are perfect all year round.

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  • Sports club:

    Let Bigmow mow your driving range whilst the Ballpicker brings back all the golf balls. Your robot mowers work 24/7.

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Connected line app and web portal

Your robot mower can work completely autonomously, which is due to carefully worked-out programming. And to make your life even easier, our professional automowers are connected to a web portal to allow them to be controlled from the Belrobotics application. You can also manage your fleet of robot mowers entirely from your tablet or your smartphone.

Find out about our simplified user interface, the exceptional user-friendliness of the application and new functions.


Belrobotics App & Portal

Photo Gallery

The mower in action!