Perfect cut

Parcmow is fitted with 3 floating cutting heads that adapt instantly to the ground elevation. The cutting width of 63.3 cm ensures uniform, safe working.

Ideal mowing capacity

Parcmow works with 9 its stainless steel blades. You will obtain perfect, constant mulching. A lawn in better condition and a 100% environmentally-friendly mow.

Guaranteed safety

Parcmow is fitted with sonars. Your automower will instantly deactivate its cutting system if it detects an obstacle.

Low power consumption

A silent mow with average annual energy consumption at 580 kWh. Parcmow connected recharges itself in 80 minutes.

Mow to the schedule of your gardens

Do you think you are spending too much time on mowing? Here is the Parcmow, that automatically monitors the maintenance of your green spaces, without any human intervention. Up to 12 000 m², day and night, guaranteeing a constantly high quality result. Make the most of your corner of paradise, while your robot mower works without any disruptive noise. The time has come for you to delegate.

A magnificent lawn while saving money

What would you say to energy costs 5.5 times lower than that of a traditional diesel ride-on mower? Parcmow has an average annual consumption of barely 580 kWh, being around €100 per year. Add to that a very limited use of chemical fertiliser and watering reduced to what is strictly necessary. Demand performance, quality of mow, connectivity and of course economy. We know your priorities.

100% ecological

Surely a reduction of a tonne of CO2 per year says something to you? Know that Parcmow is programmed to mow with mulching up to 12.000 m² in just a few hours. The vegetable matter from mulching will fertilise the soil in a 100 % natural way. Our technology is adapted to all requirements and all environments. Your turf will be in top condition.

Multiple safety

The 5 sonars of the Parcmow combined with its sensors allow the detection of any obstacle, its trajectory to be adapted and prevent any attempt at theft. And if the robot mower is lifted, the rotation of the blades stops immediately. Choose an intuitive control interface and multiple on-board security, with a GPS guidance system included. Your equipment, and your children, nothing is put at risk.

Our robots at home

Parcmow platface

Parcmow Connected Line

For green spaces up to 12.000 m²

The Parcmow robot mower is suitable for individuals, public bodies and businesses that manage green spaces up to 120 ares. Choose a long-term partner to maintain your sports ground, a public park, your private garden, and industrial site.
  • Mowing capacity

    Up to 12.000 m2
  • Electricity costs

    € 100 / year
  • Cutting method

    3 floating heads
  • Safety

    5 sonars