Golf ball collector: why choose a robot?


One of the main selling points is the financial savings. The purchase of the ball collecting robot is a substantial investment, but its profitability will be better. You will soon start to make savings: better management of your personnel and unlimited accessibility.

  • Ease of management and reduced personnel

Unlike the other cutting-edge solutions currently used, the robot is totally autonomous. Just one machine for a professional job. Unlike the traditional ball collector which, despite recent advances, still depends on a towed solution (ssv utility vehicle) requiring a human operator. This reduction in personnel is all the more valuable because of the complicated situation: the human resources for this task are seasonal and should ideally vary rapidly according to demand. It is extremely difficult to find employees who are that flexible and available. Thanks to the robot, personnel management becomes easy!

  • Available driving range and total safety

The robot works continuously: imagine having an employee at your service 24/7! This makes the driving range constantly available and pleasant to visit. Even at the busiest times, the driving range is under perfect control and guarantees you perfect safety. So you can avoid all types of accident caused by ball collection.

  • No lost balls

More mundane but not negligible: the robot ensures that all of the balls will be retrieved in perfect condition. Its cousins have an annoying tendency to bury thousands of balls each year by pressing them into the ground, but the robot makes them all retrievable for you!

Ecological equipment

By choosing the ball collecting robot, you are backing tomorrow’s economy. Reducing the environmental footprint has become an important challenge for every company. Investing in green technologies is no longer just the prerogative of big companies; it is becoming a real requirement. Ecological branding is good for everyone. Turn away from needless fossil fuels; this change is overdue!
Concretely, the ball collecting robot gives you :

  • A 90% reduction in CO2 emissions (compared to the equivalent thermal machines)
  • Consumption similar to that of a refrigerator
  • No exhaust gases, no odour

Unbeatable quiet and performance

Silence might be good for your health, but it is essential for concentration. A golf course, by definition, is a place that should be quiet. Golf etiquette is well established, and each player is expected to be quiet when another golfer is playing. Isn’t it logical that the maintenance infrastructures should be governed by the same code of conduct? Imagine continuous action with no annoying noise.

And the robot outperforms every other solution on the market:

  • Up to 12,500 balls collected per day
  • It returns to base and recharges totally autonomously
  • Easy agile programming
  • Silent and systematic ball collection
  • Guaranteed protection of the balls

“The only shots you can be sure of are those you’ve had already.Byron Nelson

Get one shot ahead by choosing the world’s only ball collecting robot, the Ballpicker by Belrobotics.