Making turf denser: how and why?

The benefits of denser turf

When it comes to your garden, it’s the aesthetics of a lawn that are often most important, but for sports groundsmen, there’s so much more to consider. Depending on the sport concerned and the field’s frequency of use, various other factors need to be monitored:

The density of the pitch, its firmness, uniformity of cut and grass height, aeration, the presence of feltcombating turf diseases and weeds, deciding between overseeding or repair, between decompacting the pitch’s different layers or using a roller, sanding and liming, plus watering and fertilisation.

All of these factors have a significant impact on a sports turf’s playing performance, but its density is especially important, as a high concentration of blades and roots provides greater resistance to trampling and tearing. And since sports fields are regularly subjected to a severe pounding, it should definitely be considered.

How to obtain a thick & healthy turf

Mow the lawn more often to make your turf denser!

To make your turf denser and healthier, it’s essential to mow it frequently, as when upward growth is slowed by very regular cutting, the grass adapts to this and spreads out across the surface by increasing the number of shoots. At the same time, the roots continue to develop both horizontally and downwards. These two factors give the grass better anchorage in the ground, making it much stronger and more resistant. N.B.: while it’s essential to mow the lawn frequently, certain varieties of grass have reduced tolerance of very short cuts.

Robot mowers: a tailored solution!

Increasing the mowing frequency of a sports turf using a standard mower will increase your workload and, invariably, your costs. A robot mower, however, avoids this disadvantage by cutting the grass automatically each day. What’s more, the high-quality mulching of a mower such as the Bigmow robot encourages root growth and also makes the turf more solid.

So if the idea of a perfect pitch for less effort appeals to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to request a free quote !