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Mulching: a five-part explanation!

08 02 2017

There are a lot of misconceptions about mulching. What is mulching? Why, for whom, and how do you achieve real mulching? Let's take a look!

Real mulching with the Belrobotics robotic mower

What is mulching?

Mulching is a mowing technique that finely chops the grass to leave it lying in the form of particles after the passage of the mower. The mulching is performed by special blades and an ejection shutter, a mulching kit, available on certain mowers. The term "mulching" refers to the action of covering the ground with organic matter. In this case, the organic matter is mown grass.

What are the advantages of mulching?

In theory, mulching is beneficial because:

  • There is no need for a collection container = 30% time saving during mowing!
  • It fertilises the lawn naturally: the mulch produced is a natural fertiliser
  • The mulch retains the soil's moisture in the summer = the lawn is protected from drying out

Conclusion: a closely-mown lawn, always lush, and more beautiful every day. Yes, practice, it doesn't quite work that way. Why?

The disadvantages of mulching

Customer service departments for mulching kits - or mulching mowers - seem to be plagued with complaints! The reason: the concept as it works in theory doesn't match what happens in practice. Because, here's what they are not telling you:

  • To be effective, mulching requires 2 to 3 mows a week! Because the mulch fertilises the soil and so the grass not only grows thicker, but also faster!
  • Frequent jams due to insufficiently regular mowing: mulching should not be done on tall grass
  • Over time, the production of felt is possible
  • The ejections can be unpleasant and annoy the person who is mowing

Conclusion: a closely-mown lawn, always lush, and more beautiful every day. Yes, practice, it doesn't quite work that way. Why?

Ideal, effortless mulching?

What is the solution? How to break this vicious circle: Yes, I want a magnificent lawn with less effort but the mulching technique is so nourishing that it ends up demanding more maintenance! Work around the demands of mulching whilst still enjoying its benefits by choosing a robotic mower.

  • Real mulching: the technique is used in an optimum way and is fully automated by the robot
  • You get only the advantages; the drawbacks of mulching disappear

As for felt production, this is reduced if the mows occur closer together, i.e. if the principle of mulching is applied ideally, as stated in the theory. Watch an explanation on video in the garden and leisure programme, "Jardins et Loisirs".

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