A customised subscription formula

  • We offer 4 types of packages and prices depending on your needs and the type of robot you have.
  • Decide which formula suits you best by consulting the table or contact your dealer/supplier for more information.

Premium RTK Wifi
Premium RTK 4G
Premium RTK Wifi
Premium RTK 4G
We guarantee software updates during technical maintenance operations.
The most complete package on the market for users who want to make the most of remote control of their Connected line.
The package for GPS-RTK robots users who want to control their operations with their fingertips.
The most comprehensive subscription for users of GPS-RTK 4G robots, including data subscription and robot management via a single 4G terminal with a 15km radius.
Price / year

BM-1000: 49 €
BM-2000: 59 €
BP-1200: 59 €

BM-1050: 149 €
BM-2050: 199 €
BP-1250: 199 €
BM-850: 69 €
Base RTK Wifi: Free

BM-1050: 248 €
BM-2050: 298 €
BP-1250: 348 €
BM-850: 168 €
Base RTK 4G: 149 €

Software updates
Performance monitoring (history&cycles)
Remote user commands
Robot Remote Configuration (Parameters Read/Write)
Alarm and notification management (updates, subscription renewals, etc.)
Status in real time + position on demand
Interactive map : trajectory follow-up by cycles
Fleet management dashboard
Maintenance Logbook
GPS Pattern mowing configuration and parameters
GPS Based Parcels Remote Configuration
GPS Based no go-zone for obstacles
Wisenav ®
4G GPS-RTK Base station within a 15 km radius
All prices include VAT. Annual subscriptions are invoiced in January for the whole of the coming year. The subscription is included in the purchase price of the robot for the year of installation until 31 December.

Offline Offer

Offline features (without subscription)

Robotic mowers and ball collectors can operate with full performance and navigation capabilities. Remote monitoring and control is limited.

  • Robotic mowers and ball collectors receive a software update via Wi-Fi during technical maintenance.
  • Data on the performance and operation of the robots is recorded directly and stored for over a year in the form of operating cycles. You get the results in the form of intuitive graphs. The data is only available when the robot is connected to Wi-Fi.

Would you prefer to have regular and continuous software updates and be able to control and monitor the robot in real time via the mobile network (4G)? Subscribe to one of our paid subscriptions adapted to your user profile.

Basic & Premium RTK subscription

Real-time performance monitoring (history and cycles)

Follow the activity of your robot on a daily basis. The information, available via the web portal or the app, is presented in clear and precise graphs. The interface allows you to identify alarms and sort on them to identify the areas where they occur.

This feature allows you to send a series of commands directly to your robot via the portal or app. These specific instructions such as "load, work..." ensure optimal management of all situations, including unexpected events. A history of these commands is also available. You can thus optimise the use of your robot and ensure better management of your lawn mowing in all circumstances.

Remote robot configuration (read and write parameters)

This option allows you to manage various parameters of your robot such as:

  • The robot's work schedule
  • The cutting height
  • The deactivation of a possible defective cutting head to guarantee the continuity of your machine's activity until the part is replaced by a technician.
  • The definition of the percentage of activity in the different work areas. As grass does not grow uniformly across a field, this allows you to define the percentage of activity time allocated to a specific area according to the speed of growth or density of the grass to be cut.

For ball collectors, it allows you to manage the robot's work zone according to the density of golf balls on the field. The definition of the working areas is done via the prior installation of wires or via the GPS configuration which can be done through the management of the parameters.

  • Taking into account the outside temperature. It is not recommended to operate a robot when it is too cold and even less so when it is freezing (risk of destruction of frozen grass under the effect of the wheels).

Alarm and notification management

  • By activating the notification, you are directly notified when an alarm is reported. You can choose the channel through which you are notified: notification via the app on your smartphone, e-mail or notification centre (app and portal).
  • You can activate this feature per robot if you have several in your fleet. A complete history of the different types of alarms is available to help you plan an adapted intervention.

Real time status + position on demand

Your robot sends you its status (working, charging, waiting, ...) in real time, as well as its battery status and the coordinates of its last connection. Do you need to know its last position? Look at the interface to find out.

Interactive map: tracking the trajectory by cycles

This function allows you to visualise on a map the path of the robot by cycle and by zone. The map also shows any alarms that have been triggered.

Fleet dashboard

View, sort, group, etc. It's all possible with a few clicks of the mouse by consulting the fleet dashboard. You keep an eye on your favorite robots and by looking at the overall fleet dashboard, you can easily identify which machines are active and which ones need your attention. Do you want an overview of the robots in alphabetical order, by serial number, by performance score or by installation date? We've got it all covered.

Remote robot configuration (read and write parameters)

Proper maintenance of the robots guarantees their durability and performance. Each Belrobotics/Echorobotics robot is therefore linked to a maintenance logbook. The technician/dealer can record all the service operations carried out and the parts replaced in the portal’s maintenance booklet.

Premium RTK Wifi & 4G subscription

GPS-RTK increases performance

Robots equipped with a GPS-RTK module do not operate in “random path mode” but can follow “line patterns” with a very high accuracy (<5cm) provided by GPS RTK technology. This significantly increases the performance of the robots and results in a much more aesthetically pleasing mowing.

The "Premium RTK" package

The “Premium RTK” package offers you all the advantages of the “Basic” package for optimal remote control and configuration of the robots and also provides additional features related to the remote configuration of the GPS-RTK robots.

RTK parameters, RTK zones, "No-Go" zones

RTK parameters, RTK zones, “No-Go” zones: all can be defined remotely from the portal or the application and allow to optimize the performance of the GPS-RTK robot without installing additional peripheral wires and to adapt these zones dynamically according to the needs.

4G RTK base station

A whole fleet of robots can be connected to a single 4G GPS-RTK base station within a 15 km radius.

Belrobotics App
Belrobotics App
Belrobotics App
Belrobotics App