50% real savings

At a lower sale price than that of a professional ride-on mower, no more waste disposal expenses, reduced labour and energy costs that are three times lower than equivalent combustion engine equipment.

More time for your club

The Bigmow robot mower is autonomous and continues relentlessly. You will regain precious time to manage your club

Every discipline on grass

Bigmow manages all lawns and green spaces up to 24.000 m2. Its 5 floating cutting heads adapt instantly to the elevation of your ground.

Sport and safety

The Bigmow automower provides mowing without accumulating waste. The lightweight nature of the smart mower enables it to respect totally the condition of the ground and avoid any deformation.

Your club will save up to 50%

This isn’t just something we’ve pulled from thin air. Sports club managers confirm a real saving of 50% compared with traditional mowing. The key elements are a massive reduction in operating costs. Labour is very limited and maintenance of machines is just a formality. Thanks to Bigmow, your annual gain in energy savings alone is between € 500 and € 1.000 per pitch.

An intelligent and automatic mow

The automatic mower is indispensable to achieve a drastic reduction in manual tasks. The Bigmow robot mower is entirely autonomous and continues relentlessly. Thanks to 15 stainless steel blades, you will obtain perfect mulching and turf in good condition. Your activities will not be disrupted, thanks to silent working (max. 52 dB (A)). Choose a long-term partner for any season.

Sport, nature and sustainability

By choosing automated mowing, you can reduce your ecological footprint compared with a classic combustion engine mower. Up to 10x lower CO2 emissions, no deterioration of the edges and a reduced usage of chemical fertilisers. Your members will appreciate the eco-friendly nature of their club.

Completely safe sport

A classical mow creates slippery and dangerous areas. On the other hand, the Bigmow automower provides a cut without accumulating waste grass cuttings. Its lightweight nature enables it to respect to the condition of the ground and avoid any deformation. The sonars with which it is equipped detect obstacles that it encounters on the route. If it is no longer on the ground, the blades are immediately immobilised and retract under the machine. Play on!

Our sports field robotic mowers

Parcmow Connected Line

For green spaces up to 12.000 m²

The Parcmow robot mower is suitable for individuals, public bodies and businesses that manage green spaces up to 120 ares. Choose a long-term partner to maintain your sports ground, a public park, your private garden, and industrial site.
  • Mowing capacity

    Up to 12.000 m2
  • Electricity costs

    € 100 / year
  • Cutting method

    3 floating heads
  • Safety

    5 sonars

BallPicker Connected Line

To cover up to 30 000 m² and collect up to 12 000 balls/24h.

The robot Ballpicker is an automated golf course and driving range ball picker. A patented worldwide exclusive intended for golf clubs managing driving ranges of up to 300 ares. Choose an autonomous, silent and systematic partner.

  • Operating area

    30.000 m2
  • Electricity costs

    €120 / year
  • Efficiency

    13 collecting discs
  • Safety

    4 sonars

A suitable cutting technique for every sport

The height of the turf depends on usage and the type of pitch. And during the growing period, the turf must be cut regularly. Bigmow will manage all your pitches depending on how the grass grows, their configuration and the number of adjacent zones. The 5 floating cutting heads adapt instantly to the ground elevation. In total, 15 stainless steel blades provide perfect, constant mulching over a cutting width of 103 cm.

Boost the playing sensation

Thanks to Bigmow’s unique mulching method, the playing area remains impeccable. Your turf is more resistant and your players benefit from a flexible and homogeneous pitch. Sports ground managers are unanimous as to the structural improvements that the robot mower brings in the short term: density, vivacity and progressive natural regrowth in the most exposed areas. Give your members a professional experience at any time and in all disciplines.