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BELROBOTICS thanks you for your interest in our company and its products.

We strongly encourage you to read this Confidentiality Policy carefully before using this website and the associated sites that make it up (the "Site").

This Confidentiality Policy specifies the type of information that BELROBOTICS SA or the companies, subsidiaries and branches of the BELROBOTICS Group or third parties authorised by BELROBOTICS collect on this Site and also the measures taken to protect your personal data.

The acceptance of this Confidentiality Policy is the condition precedent to using this Site. Because of the possibility of amendments to this Confidentiality Policy, we advise you to reread it regularly.

General comments

We would draw your attention to the fact that you must provide information enabling you to identify yourself, such as your email address, your name, your postal address and your telephone number ("Personal Data") on certain parts of the Site to enable you to have the benefit of certain functionalities and activities and to be able to access some of our products and services.

You must therefore fully understand and consent, without any reservation, to the collection, the use and the transfer of such Personal Data, at the terms and conditions stipulated in this Confidentiality Policy.

Collection and use of Personal Data and other information relating to users

The information that you provide to BELROBOTICS is protected by Belgian and European laws on data protection.

The Personal Data is recorded and administered by BELROBOTICS and used to facilitate the use of our products and/or services online.

We collect and retain any additional Personal Data which you provide to us in order to receive certain information from us, for example brochures and catalogues. Such information allows us to respond favourably to your request for information.

It will be stored in a sufficiently secure and protected environment as long as BELROBOTICS considers that it allows its communication with you to be improved.

If you want to have all or part of your personal data removed from out records, have access to your contact details or you want all or part of your personal data not to be used for direct marketing purposes, please contact BELROBOTICS SA free of charge at the following address:

Avenue Lavoisier, 35 - 1300 WAVRE, Belgium.

BELROBOTICS is entitled to ask its customers for other non-mandatory information in order to know them better, to carry out direct marketing or to invite them to take part in competitions.

It is up to you whether you respond favourably or not to such requests for additional information.

BELROBOTICS also collects non-personal information relating to the use of our Site.

This information is collected on a grouped basis and is only used internally with the intention of improving our online activity and facilitating your visit to the Site.

BELROBOTICS is entitled to link this information to the Personal Data to determine what users have access to what data, and hence to improve the Site.

BELROBOTICS does not deliberately collect Personal Data about children less than 18 years old; its website is not intended for such a young audience.

We would advise parents and legal guardians to take a particular interest in the online activities and interests of minors.

Transfer of personal data

BELROBOTICS will not (other than for routing purposes) transfer the Personal Data that you provide on the Site to third parties, except

  1. if you give your agreement,
  2. if a legal provision or a Court order requires it,
  3. to protect and defend the rights or the assets of BELROBOTICS,
  4. to protect the security of users of the Site,
  5. to people or companies with whom/which BELROBOTICS is contractually bound to carry out the internal operations of the Site or our activities, or
  6. if we legitimately consider that it is subject to a regulation, an enforceable plan or a contract confirming the principles of fair management and the level of appropriate protection of the Personal Data.

BELROBOTICS reserves the right to contact the relevant authorities at the company's discretion if it seems that certain activities could be in breach of the law or BELROBOTICS's conditions of use.


  1. . The Site can use a technology known as "cookies". The cookies are small text files containing information stored on your computer by the web page that you are on. They are used to be able to offer additional functionalities to the Site and to help us to analyse the Site's use. There are two types of cookies: The first is is used to "remember" information such as your user name and your password, and is stored on your computer as long as you do not decide to "log off" from that service. If you do not use the "No longer ask me for my user name and my password" function, such cookies will never be stored on your computer.
  2. The second type of cookie is called a "temporary cookie". It is used to keep, for example, a trace of the language that you have chosen on the web page. While you are viewing a site, these cookies are temporarily stored in your computer's memory. A temporary cookie is not stored for a long time on your computer and generally disappears when you close your Internet browser. With these cookies, BELROBOTICS hopes to target the relevant information better for our visitors.

If you want to counteract the use of cookies by BELROBOTICS, you are able, with the majority of browsers, to configure the parameters to reject cookies. Doing this does, however, run the risk of limiting the functionalities and the benefits that you can get from the Site.


BELROBOTICS undertakes to take the reasonable measures to ensure that the Personal Data that you provide is accurate, complete and up to date.

You are, however, only obliged to provide Personal Data that is accurate, complete and up to date at the time that it is collected.

If the Personal Data that we have is no longer accurate, complete and up to date, we take the necessary measures to correct it, provided that you send us a written request accompanied by the necessary supporting documents to prove the accuracy of the amendments made.


Even though BELROBOTICS cannot guarantee that no unauthorised person will access the site, rest assured that we take all relevant precautions to maintain the security of your Personal Data and to prevent any unauthorised access to such data by using an appropriate technology and appropriate internal procedures.

Other websites

This Site may contain links to third party websites. BELROBOTICS is not responsible for the content or the confidentiality policies of external sites whose links are given on the Site.

These websites may send their own cookies to your computer and/or use other means of collecting and managing personal information.

We therefore recommend that you familiarise yourself with the confidentiality policies of these third party websites before using them.


BELROBOTICS reserves the right to adapt and amend this Confidentiality Policy, at its sole discretion, at any time and without prior notice, in accordance with the essential provisions applicable to the protection of Personal Data.

Amendments to this Confidentiality Policy will be made when they appear on the Site.

If you continue to use the Site after the publication of an amendment to this Confidentiality Policy, it will be interpreted as an acceptance of said amendment.