10,000 robot mowers for Belrobotics

The robot revolution is underway: Belrobotics produces its 10,000th robot

The robot revolution is underway: Belrobotics, a pioneer in the garden robot sector, has just completed production of its 10,000th robot in its workshops in Wavre. Founded in 2002, the company located in Walloon Brabant has continued to grow and convince more and more companies, municipalities and sports clubs around the world of the quality of its products. With this growth, however, it is not resting on its laurels and continues to invest, develop and improve its robots. The revolution is underway and is not about to stop.

Robot mowers by pros and for pros

Unlike many garden robot producers, Belrobotics targets mainly the professional market: football clubs, municipalities, companies and large properties. With the Ballpicker (which picks up golf balls automatically), the Parcmow and the Bigmow, Belrobotics targets (very) large courses. For example, the new GPS-RTK version of the Bigmow, the big brother in the Belrobotics robot family, can mow up to 75,000 m² per day and in stripes. That’s a minimum of 7 professional football fields per day!

Anyway, this impressive mowing capacity is not achieved at the expense of quality. The typical Belrobotics customer needs, without any concession, grass cut to perfection to make an English golfer green with envy. According to the feedback of many customers, the challenge is met brilliantly by the robots’ multiple cutting blades.

Made-in-Belgium quality with a Japanese touch

Faced with such expectations, quality is a key concern. That’s why, since the beginnings of Belrobotics, robots have been conceived, designed, developed and tested by teams of engineers in Wavre. The team also works with several close suppliers such as Yamabiko for the production of certain elements of the robots (e.g., chassis, sonar and batteries).

Armed with their experience gained throughout the development of thousands of robots, the teams are far from resting on their achievements and continue tirelessly to improve the capabilities of robot lawn mowers while offering new features. This research and development capacity is also made possible by partnerships with research centres in Belgian universities, and thanks to the Research Centre in Yamabiko, Japan.

Recent years have brought many advances. The robots’ blade heads have been improved. The ability to mow in fleet. The coming of the GPS-RTK range, allowing strip mowing and tripling mowing capacity – an application that’s always more useful for professionals, etc. Things are not about to stop, and Belrobotics is already preparing its future improvements. No wonder the company in Walloon Brabant is one of the market leaders, exporting all over the world!

Very popular robots

The success of robot lawn mowers for professionals can sometimes surprise an uninformed public. However, the arguments are legion:

  • Timesaving for the club, company or local authority,
  • Economy (in terms of fuel and man-hours),
  • Efficiency of mulching and quality of mowing and, therefore, a lovely lawn,
  • Possibility of mowing at any time so the occupancy of the grounds is highly increased,
  • Easy to use, especially with the app.


So, for many professionals, Belrobotics robots and their quality meet real needs and allow them to make their lives easier with a clear and calculable return on investment.

Ten thousand robots today and many more in the future!

Belrobotics included in group purchase of robot mowers

Belrobotics included in group purchase of robot mowers in Flanders

The Flemish Region is investing massively in the purchase of sports infrastructure. This investment dovetails with the themes of the environmental issue, and a large number of group purchases were organised to that end by late 2021. And thus was organised the group purchase for professional robot mowers. It was entrusted to the MI groep, dealer in professional gardening equipment, such as Belrobotics robot mowers.

Belrobotics, proud partner of the group purchase

In order to be able to be selected for this group purchase, the robot mowers had to come up to very specific quality standards and technical requirements. We answered this call, and we are proud to be able to contribute to the environmental undertaking by offering robot lawn mowers that satisfy the technical standards including:

  • Electric motors with low energy consumption;
  • Robots compliant with standard IPX4;
  • Robot lawn mowers working completely autonomously and automatically returning to the charging station, even when the battery is low;
  • Robots fully programmable according to your schedule and preferred mowing frequency;
  • ….

Do not hesitate to take a look at the technical specifications of the two robot lawn mowers selected for this group purchase, the Parcmow Connected Line and the Bigmow Connected Line.

The advantage of participating in this group purchase is that you no longer have to worry about the process of finding a supplier, because he has the required professional skills. You will also benefit from a significant group discount thanks to the purchase of your robot lawn mower.

What exactly is the group purchase for robot lawn mowers?

The organisation taking part in the group purchase will be able to choose from two models: a robot lawn mower for a surface of 10 000 m² (Parcmow Connected Line) and a robot lawn mower for a minimum surface of 20 000 m² (Bigmow Connected Line). The group purchase, which has a duration of 4 years closing in November 2025, also offers the possibility of buying these models separately or together.

How to be part of the group purchase

If you want to be part of this group purchase of robot lawn mowers (reserved for any professional organisation), just visit the Sport Vlaanderen website. All you have to do is fill out the registration form. Once you have gone through the different steps and filled in your details, the supplier will contact you again to discuss the further organisation and delivery of your robot lawn mower.


A fleet of robot mowers in Groningen – Belrobotics

Fleet of robot mowers: a pilot project

In 2019 the Dutch town of Midden-Groningen had the opportunity to test, during a pilot project, a robot mower for football clubs from Belrobotics. The Dutch town now uses its 29 Bigmow robot mowers every day to look after 41 sports grounds.

 Situation in Groningen

Midden-Groningen is a Dutch town that was created thanks to the fusion of several entities. It counts around 61,000 inhabitants and has a large number of sports grounds to look after.

location of Midden-Groningen

Before 2021 the town of Midden-Groningen used to rely on several tractor mowers to maintain those sports grounds such as:

  • Roller-cutter mowers,
  • Rotary blade mowers,
  • String trimmers (“strimmers”),

But these types of mowers did not always meet the required quality standards. In fact, as Ronald Westers from the town of Groningen quickly adds, the cut quality also depends on the skills of the operator. Because of this problem, the town wanted to find a more efficient solution.

 A milestone order of robot mowers

Thanks to Jakob Jan Everts, Purchasing & Service Specialist with our dealer, Evertstuinmachines, a pilot project was set up with one of our professional robot mowers. It was quite clear that the local administration staff was already aware of the existence of robot mowers. All that we had to do now was to convince them. He succeeded in convincing them with a presentation of our products in the gardens of the Groningen Town Hall.

This pilot project took place on the football pitch of V.V. SGV in Schildwolde, one of the villages that make up the township. The project was soon found to be convincing and a first Bigmow was bought:

“The robot did its job perfectly and without the least problem”.

After some deliberation, the local authority put out a call for tenders for a 10-year contract for the mowing of its sports grounds. Krinkels came top of the list and chose to work alongside the Belrobotics dealer, Evertstuinmachines, among other things for maintenance. The goal of this cooperation was to better manage the project, given the size of it.

As it so happened 28 other Belrobotics robot mowers were then ordered in a single 10-year contract for the mowing of the local sports grounds.

For Belrobotics, very active in this sector in any case, this was one of the first European end-user contracts of any such scale.

Une vue satellite de la flotte de robots à Groningen


Installation that demands genuine expertise

The contract was also a first for Krinkels and, as Geert de Haan, the Project Manager of the company explains, the debate around the number of robots, their deployment and the installation of charging stations was a real challenge. It was obviously not enough to just put the robots on the ground and let them do their thing.

In October the robots were quickly installed in their zones. This allowed the launch of a series of tests and analyses to optimise their run and to ensure that everything was working well. Since the start of the 2021 mowing season this period has helped things move on without the least problem. All the clubs are now convinced by the robot mowers.

 The benefits of professional robot mowers for sports grounds

The call for tenders laid down certain specific requirements, one of which would quite particularly favour the use of robot mowers:

 Sports grounds with grass cut to perfection

The perfect cut is exactly one of the greatest advantages of the robots. They can carry on cutting 24/7 and, thus, fit in around training sessions and competitions.

This also allows them to keep the grass cut to a constant length while guaranteeing the densification of the field. Which does not only increase its resistance but also limits the appearance of felt. As a consequence, people are less tempted to use chemical products. Groningen has not used any for two years now and is happy to continue this way.

Furthermore, the light weight of the robots allows easier mowing during more delicate and wet seasons such as Spring or Autumn. There is no risk of them damaging ground that is already battered in the trying test of matches. The robots can also correctly mow particular areas such as the corner flags, etc.

But there is even more in it. The sustainability aspect of the mowing method was not without interest for the town either. Unlike the tractor-type mowers that require diesel, the robot mowers run on electricity.

Monitoring robots under the microscope using the app

This application provides insight into the status of the robots and safety alarms. Good news for all those who are concerned, especially for Krinkels. Even though they already keep spare and replacement machines to always have a mower available at critical moments, the close-monitoring combined application really offers absolute risk-limitation.

 Teams and associations won over

The correct installation and functioning of the equipment is important, but communication is also a crucial factor. Despite the complex health situation, the town was eager to hold some explanatory meetings and presentations with the various associations. Up to this very moment, only the club Schildwolde has been in contact with the robots on the ground. These sessions were organised to highlight the expectations of all interested parties and to ensure that the clubs feel happier about the capacities of robot mowers and their possibilities.

At the moment, now that the various clubs and teams have been able to check the results, the feedback is very positive. Even to the point that certain clubs are now themselves busy cleaning the grass off their mower blades, or just want to receive application logins to follow the mowing lines and intervene directly in case of minor defects. For Belrobotics, this is positive proof of the efficiency of its machines and that they earn the loyalty of their end-users.

Towns that save by going over to robot mowers

Contacts with our different partners suggest that the various towns are not always completely aware of the cost of their mowing systems or the clear and obvious benefits of robot mowers. Not only in terms of quality, but above all economy.

If you are, just like Groningen, interested in using robots, then please do not hesitate to contact us or consult directly one of our local dealers, who may perhaps be able to arrange a test run for you.







Wide area robot mower, a sizeable advantage

For anyone responsible for maintaining large areas, mowing capacity is crucial. Companies, public organisations, and even some individuals may need to maintain areas whose size greatly exceeds 1,000 square metres.

Well aware of the frustrations people experience, Belrobotics has invested in the development and production of robot lawn mowers capable of mowing 10,000 sq m areas without difficulty. You can even say it has become a specialty of ours.

Our Bigmow model, for example, is capable of mowing areas of up to 24,000 square metres. For professionals with even larger areas, the option to assemble a fleet of multiple robot mowers makes it easy to keep large areas well maintained.

robot tondeuse

A wide area mowed to perfection

Your lawn needs more than just mowing capacity. It needs to be green and healthy. Our wide area robot lawn mowers use multiple blades to keep your garden looking its best. These razor-sharp blades do not damage your lawn. Instead, they cut it into fine particles, a sign of highly efficient mulching that greatly reduces matting and increases the quality of your lawn. What’s more, the lightweight robot mower also prevents damage to your grass, even where mowing is difficult.

True cost savings with a robot mower

What so many people love is that robot lawn mowers produce true cost savings. First of all, they lower the human cost. Individuals with large gardens can save a colossal amount of time, as can businesses and public organisations, freeing people up for more complex tasks. That adds up to serious financial gains!

Robot lawn mowers also use less energy, which can save you lots of money. Compared to traditional mowers and the cost of fuel, the Bigmow uses at least €100 less electricity per year. Its operating cost can be up to seven times lower than a diesel tractor!

robot tondeuse grande surface

GPS RTK robots, even more performing

Belrobotics recently developped robots with a GPS RTK navigation system, this system allows the robot to mow in patern. The robots equipped with this system can mow a much larger area with the Bigmow RTK ( BM 2050) being able to mow an area up to 75.000 m².

Discover more about our RTK robots!

Uncompromising security

Some people worry about the security of robot lawn mowers. But did you know that thefts involving robot mowers are extremely rare? You can’t always supervise a robot that can mow at any time of day or night. No need to worry! Our smart robot lawn mowers come equipped with an application that notifies you in the event of an alert. You can even track your robot’s location by GPS. Not only that, our robots cannot be used on land where it does not belong.

Simply put, robot lawn mowers are fully capable of maintaining massive areas just as effectively as traditional mowers, but at a fraction of the operating cost.

Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself what professionals have to say about our robot mowers! You can also contact us to request a free quote or view our authorised dealers!