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1The robot: a silent gardener

The first point is obviously that the robot is completely autonomous. Its ancestor, on the other hand, remains dependent on human beings. Sure, but…

  • « I like gardening. It’s relaxing. Mowing whilst sitting down will be more comfortable »
    yes you’ll be seated, but do you really think that being bounced around, with a constant deafening noise, will really be more pleasant?
  • « I don’t want to fire my gardener »
    the point is not to get rid of your gardener, but to leave the thankless, noisy task de la of mowing to the robot! This will save time for other tasks or shorten an employee’s working hours.

Don’t forget about the impact of noise on health. There are many studies showing the harmful effect of noise on the nervous system and the cardiovascular system. The danger is present from 80 dB, and the average noise made by a classic lawnmower is 95 dB. For more information about noise and its effects, read the articles published by the CIDB (Noise Information and Documentation Centre)

The robotic mower becomes the gardener of your dreams: discreet and quiet. But the tractor mower will carry on literally busting your ear drums!

2Consider the environment!

Whether or not you are an environmentalist, choosing the solutions of the future is a winning bet. Choosing the tractor mower is not a forward-looking decision. Go fuel-free, switch to green solutions.

Reducing your environmental impact is no longer just a trend, but a requirement. Whether you are a professional or a private individual, make a choice for the future: respect the environment and get involved in sustainable development. Ecological branding, convenience and savings are sure to follow!

3Demand a perfect mow

The primary function of a mower is to cut grass and lawns with a view to obtaining a surface with a regular surface. But in addition to a regular mowing length – which is not easy to obtain with all mowers – it is also a matter of obtaining a mown lawn that is very green, with thick growth, and free of all impurities. In this regard, the robotic mower will make your life much easier with…

4… real mulching

The robotic mower performs real mulching, effortlessly! In fact, the mulching technique cannot be performed properly unless the cut is regular! In other words, many people choose a mulching-type tractor mower but often they are disappointed with the results, because it demands frequent mowing. A classic mulching-type mower requires up to 3 mows per week in season, to avoid leaving too much residue!

5Grass without impurities

The robotic mower automatically eliminates undesirable features! Say good-bye to weeds, grass diseases, moles and any soil damage without the slightest difficulty.

In conclusion, the robot alternative is a smart investment that will satisfy you even better than a tractor mower. Buying a robotic mower means you can permanently forget about all the inconveniences related to manual and riding mowers.

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