At Belrobotics we are constantly investing in research and development. And our latest breakthrough fills us with pride: the Wisenav® 4.7 update, which stands for Wireless Satellite Exact Navigation, will simply revolutionize the maintenance of your site.

  • No more need for a peripheral wire
  • Trimming edges even more precisely
  • Easy management via an optimized application
  • Easy specification of no-mow zones
  • Ultra-secure safety zone

Bye, bye, peripheral wire

GPS-RTK technology has enabled our robots to mow in strips, resulting in significantly increased mowing capacity.

With the Wisenav® update, the field of possibilities opens up even more, because robots no longer even need a peripheral wire to work reliably.

For robotic lawn mowers and golf ball pickers equipped with GPS-RTK technology, all it takes is a simple, FREE update of your application to benefit from Wisenav®4.7 technology.

Proven efficiency

We have tested Wisenav® technology on more than 600 robots and on all types of courses and grounds. The results we have obtained are clear:

  • intact mowing capacity (up to 75.000 m² for a BM-2050 Bigmow GPS-RTK); and
  • Impeccable mowing quality (thanks to floating heads and robot blades).

Without the need for a peripheral wire, the advantages are twofold, whether you are a greenkeeper or a football field manager, working in municipal administration or whatever:

  • Reduced installation costs;
  • reduced cost of a test.

Specific features and advantages of the Wisenav®4.7 system

The technical properties of Wisenav®4.7 offer you a host of advantages that optimize the automated maintenance of your grounds:

  • Easy connection of Wisenav® zones
  • GPS paths for precise navigation
  • Possible combination of Wisenav® and wired areas
  • Heightened performance in real conditions
  • More precise cutting height management
  • Faster installation
  • Easy management from the portal and the app
  • Very neat cutting of fairway edges

Greenkeepers and sports grounds managers, prepare to save valuable time!

Accurate GPS navigation for all needs and terrains

The specific features of Wisenav® ensure that your fleet of robotic lawn mowers will adapt perfectly to the requirements of your ground, regardless of its configuration or its use. You will, among other things, be able to:

  • mow different GPS safety zones at different cutting heights;
  • connect GPS safety zones to create large, complex work areas;
  • deactivate the cutting heads when sending the robot over certain areas;
  • cut perfectly on gradients up to 45%;
  • combine Wisenav® and wired installation to cover areas of poor GPS reception;

Wisenav® 4.7 on the golf course: examples and tips

We have installed Wisenav® technology on a variety of golf courses. Here are some tips we have picked up along the way.

For mowing the fairway(s)

  • Place the charging station off the fairway and optimize its orientation to minimize streaking.
  • Connect the charging station to a Wisenav® transfer plot that is not mowed, the transfer plot is a Wisenav® safe zone.
  • Determine a Wisenav® safety zone for each fairway, making sure that zones are specified for better edge trimming quality.
  • Connect the Wisenav® transfer plot to the fairway to be mowed.

In the case of several fairways:

  • each passage is a Wisenav® safety zone;
  • each transfer plot is a Wisenav® safety zone;
  • set up for each fairway a GPS path through multiple Wisenav® safety zones from the station loop to the target plot. A single path may connect several passages.


For mowing the fairway and semi-rough

The installation principle is the same as above. For mowing the semi-rough, we recommend:

  • mowing the semi-rough as you pass over the fairway; or
  • creating separate plots for the semi-rough if the semi-rough is big enough.

Avoid laying out long, narrow plots for the semi-rough as this will reduce the efficiency of the robot.

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