Football pitch maintenance: the robot revolution!

A better ROI than cylindrical mowers

The football groundskeeper needs to invest in quality equipment with a good return on investment. A comparison table shows this concisely:


Coûts exprimés par terrain par an Tondeuse à rouleau (30 tontes/an) Bigmow (150 tontes/an)
technique équipement
900 €
13.000 €, 3 terrains, 5ans
2.400 €
12.000 €/terrain, 5ans
Frais d’entretien 500 € (1.500€/3) 1.350 € (Onium + T&T)
Combustible 750 € 100 €
Evacuation herbe 4.500 € 0€
Transport A/R tondeuse 1.500 € (30 1/R @ 50€) 0€
Coût annuel
hors main d’oeuvre
8.150 €/an
Soit 1.25€/m2/an
3.850 €/an
0,59 €/m2/an
Main d’oeuvre (y cmpris nettoyage terrain < tonte) 2.250 €
30 x 3h @ 25 €/h
750 €
30 x 1h @ 25 €/h
Coût annuel complet 10.400 €/an
Soit 1,60 €/m2/an
4600 €/an
0,71 €/m2/an


In addition, the report by the STRI (Sport Turf Research Institute) proves the efficiency of the Bigmow robotic mower compared to its ancestor, the cylindrical mower. The robot not only obtains results that compare favourably to the traditional method; it actually does better in several ways:

  • Better regularity of the cut
  • Significant reduction of weeds
  • Elimination of lawn diseases (if the robot is assigned to one ground, lawn diseases are not propagated)


Download the STRI’s report

Better turf quality for better play

In addition to the significant reduction of football groundskeeping costs, the robotic mower considerably improves the quality of the grass. And it has been proven that the quality of the playing surface affects the game itself! It is extremely difficult, however, to guarantee a perfect surface throughout the season. The robot rises to this challenge:

  • Greater resilience to guarantee a dense, uniform, and supple carpet of grass
  • A regular cutting height: the field is always ready
  • A close mow: theball rolls better and there are no more bad bounces

Easier management of personnel and infrastructures

Managing personnel is a tricky task. It is not under your complete control, and requires significant financial resources. Staff reductions will generate financial savings as well as a remarkable optimisation of management. Simplify your life whilst reducing your costs:

  • Fewer people
  • Lower transportation costs

The robotic mower gives you independence from external conditions.

A matter of sustainable development and compliance with environmental standards

Environmental management is a crucial issue for the 21st century. Economy and ecology are intrinsically linked for the benefit of all:

  • 10 times less CO2 emissions
  • Less watering and natural fertilising thanks to real mulching
  • No noise pollution

Visit the Belrobotics Bigmow page to find out about even more advantages and to read testimonials, or request a personalised quotation from our team of football pitch professionals.