Autonomous mower: for companies too!

Private gardens, golf courses, football pitches and sports grounds have all plumped for the robotic mower. So why not companies? Good reasons to change company habits: economic and ecological benefits will follow!

For what type of company?

The robotic mower provides advantages to all companies that have garden or park areas. Whether you operate in the hotel sector, the industrial sector, or a community: the management of park maintenance is important. The automatic mowing solution should be considered – will be profitable – from a surface area of 2000 m².

Why choose a robotic mower for company parks?

1ROI and efficiency

The cost of maintaining lawns is not negligible. Do you know that more than 70% of the cost of mowing comes from labour costs? With a robot, you save the total labour cost and part of the energy cost. Make savings whilst obtaining superior mowing quality.

2Ease of management and independence

Above and beyond the direct cost of park maintenance, there are many indirect costs: problems with service providers, large number of subcontractors, management of crisis situations in high season, etc. The absolute convenience offered by the autonomous mower is independence. Irrespective of the weather conditions or external factors: the lawn will be beautifully cut in all circumstances.

3Ecological marketing and image

A company’s image depends on several factors. The setting is a highly symbolic element that plays an important part in creating the image of the company. Like a private lawn, a company’s gardens or park send a message. Make sure it’s a positive one!

Moreover, the importance of ecological marketing or green marketing is now well accepted. For the sake of both your prospects and your employees, choosing a solution that respects the environment has a tangible impact. An environmental commitment pays off:

  • More competitiveness in the face of competition
  • Employee well-being and enhancing the internal image
  • Transparent communication and an ecological positioning will result

Does the robotic mower interest you as a possible mowing solution for your company’s gardens? Contact Belrobotics for a free and personalised quotation. And do not hesitate to look at the articles and videos on the blog to get as much information as possible on robotic mowers and lawn maintenance in general!