Peripheral wire

GPS robot mower and peripheral wire

Launched in the spring of 2021 the new range of professional robot mowers by Belrobotics shows real progress by means of advanced GPS technology. The advantages of GPS mowers are many and various: the ability to cut in straight lines, precision, speed, etc. Which raises the question of the usefulness of the peripheral wire for many present or future users. Is there really still any point in a mower that trims to the millimetre?

A “useless” but vital peripheral wire

RTK technology enables trimming exact to the millimetre and therefore allows, at least in theory, working without the wire. However, we at Belrobotics have decided not to abandon its use and this for several reasons.

The risk of hacking or piracy

The robot’s work zones are defined in a web portal and they may be adjusted. Obviously, GPS technology can only ensure respect of a run defined by a user. The fact of being able to redefine the zone is extremely practical for certain clients, who may exclude occupied or works areas according to specific priorities or requirements.

However, that same advantage also involves a risk. Although our platform is secure and protected, there is no such thing as 100% zero-risk technology. If a hacker should somehow manage to enter an account, he could change the trimming zone. A mower could therefore suddenly turn up one fine day on a playground, in the middle of a busy road, or even on an airport runway. Once this peripheral wire is correctly installed, the robot mower will not be able to leave its zone, even if control of the account is hijacked. For ourselves and for the client alike, this is therefore an extra security.

 Mowing even in wooded areas

an area in which GPS mowing is complex


Another interesting advantage of the peripheral wire: the possibility of mixing GPS mowing and conventional automatic mowing in specific cases. On certain difficult grounds the position of trees or other elements may complicate GPS signal reception. In that case it is possible to regulate the trim so that those places will be mown in a conventional way. Which is why you will need a peripheral wire. So, you will get a quick, efficient cut for most of the ground, but wooded or complex areas are also trimmed to perfection.


a zone with GPS and conventional mowing run

If you still have any questions about installing a peripheral wire for a robot mower you can consult our article and either contact us or a Belrobotics dealership. We can also give you any further information about all our models and their advantages.