School sports fields require impeccable maintenance to guarantee the good condition of the turf and, above all, student safety. Find out how robotic lawn mowers meet these requirements as well as offering big benefits.

A neat lawn for increased safety

Robot lawn mowers are trusted allies for managers of golf courses, football clubs and other sports clubs, with their strict quality demands. Lawn mowing for a school deserves the same precision. That’s why automated robot lawn mowers are now attracting interest as a solution for maintaining school sports fields.

A robot lawn mower keeps the sports field in your facility neat at all times. Which makes physical education teachers happy. Because perfect mowing increases student safety on the field. No doubt about it, a professionally cut lawn limits the risk of slipping.

Mowing in straight lines for increased efficiency

Belrobotics robot lawn mowers are equipped with a GPS system with RTK technology. The positioning of the robot is continuously monitored and corrected by the base, which knows the exact position of the mower in real time. Thanks to this integrated system the mower can work continuously up to an accuracy of 3 to 5 centimetres, even when in motion.

Belrobotics GPS-RTK technology offers two major benefits for mowing the sports field at your school:

  • Installation is quick as there is no need to install cables around the field.
  • The cut is optimal because the robot lawn mower works in straight lines. Mowing in straight lines is not only faster but also more efficient in terms of result.

A field more available during the day

Robot lawn mowers are programmable, silent, and remotely controllable via an app. This means that they can mow at night or on weekends, when the ground is free. This gives your school’s students and clubs more time to play sports outdoors.

A user-friendly, safe sports field, all year round

The robot lawn mower cutting method – mulching – gives a neat, tidy lawn in all seasons, even on large lawns. This way, your school sports field can be used safely, all year round.

The lightness of robot lawn mowers is also a plus in an often rainy climate. Groundskeeping professionals know how difficult it can be to keep a field in good condition using a conventional lawn mower after weeks of rain! On soft soil, with a silty/clayey subsoil for example, a standard machine, which has a heavy touch, creates ruts. And, on a sports field, every unevenness of the ground is a risk for the students (falls, sprains, etc.). The robot lawn mower is lightweight and does not create ruts, it leaves the ground untouched, which increases student safety.

Streamlined maintenance costs

Equipping yourself with robot lawn mowers is an investment. But, once the robot is installed, your establishment can reduce its budget by most of the grounds maintenance costs (salary, fuel, etc.). Some schools that have taken the step have calculated a five-year payback. And this for a much higher mowing quality!

Robot lawn mowers make mowing outside school hours easy without upping the cost. This is because using the robot at night does not cost more, while an evening or weekend wage will be higher than a day wage.

Control the robot lawn mower from wherever you want, whenever you want

Sports field maintenance no longer depends on staff schedules. By coordinating the operation of the robot lawn mower and the automatic watering system, you truly optimize lawn care.

And the best part: the robot can mow during the school holidays. And this is done easily enough, since you can control it remotely via an application. Schools require continuous monitoring and maintenance. So, if there is a problem, and only if the app notifies you, all you have to do is to notify the staff present.

7 advantages of Belrobotics robot lawn mowers for the maintenance of a school sports field or lawn

  • 50% less expensive to use than a conventional riding lawn mower
  • Quick installation, without the need to la cables
  • Easy control via the application
  • Field cut perfectly, all year round
  • Increased student safety
  • Sustainable solution: 90% reduction in CO2 emissions and more resilient ground thanks to mulching
  • More fit for purpose and increased availability of the field