The Bigmow GPS-RTK BM-1050 does not need you to take any action. You can either choose GPS navigation with zones defined by boundary wires, or you can benefit from the latest WiseNav technology. In this case, there is no more cable to bury (and therefore no more earthworks). Your robot mower navigates via GPS and remains within a pre-defined safety zone. The mowing capacity can even be trebled.

  • 10 times less CO2 emissions
  • 8 times lower energy costs
  • No noise pollution
  • 100% ecological
  • Mowing capacity
    up to 45,000 m² (WiseNav)
  • Electricity costs
    +/- €200 / year
  • Cutting method
    3 floating mowing heads
  • Safety
    5 sonars


  • 1 Ultra-precise navigation via GPS guidance
  • 2 Strip pattern mowing
  • 3 Three times greater mowing capacity
  • 4 Up to 75,000 m² (Bigmow GPS-RTK BM-2050)
  • 5 Installation without boundary wire (WiseNav update)
  • 6 10 times less CO2 emissions
  • 7 8 times lower energy costs
  • 8 No noise pollution
  • 9 100% environmentally friendly
  • 10 Warning in case of theft or malfunction


  • Sports club:

    Let Bigmow mow your driving range whilst the Ballpicker brings back all the golf balls. Your robot mowers work 24/7.

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  • Sports club:

    Automatic strip mowing: quiet and safe. Those are the primary advantages of robot mowers. Your pitches are perfect all year round.

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  • Business:
    large grounds

    Control your budgets and your carbon footprint. It starts with the automated mowing of your green spaces. Your robot mowers can even navigate on extreme sites.

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  • Individuals:
    Parks and Gardens

    Make the most of your little piece of paradise, while your robot mower operates without any disruptive noise. Economy, sustainability, and connectivity. We know your priorities.

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L'application et portail web Connected Line

All your professional robotic mowers equipped with GPS-RTK technology are available on the Belrobotics app and portal. You can input the settings remotely according to your needs: cutting height, mowing times, operating areas, GPS return points, etc. Did you opt for the WiseNav upgrade? Configure your safety zones and no-go zones whenever necessary. Remember to use the fleet management system function to view the performance of your fleet, identify the position of your robots in real time, and see any alarms. Get out your tablet or smartphone now.

Discover our simplified user interface and all the functionality of your Bigmow GPS-RTK BM-1050 robot mower.


Belrobotics App & Portal

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The mower in action!