Up to 3 years' subscription and free data

For all new Random and Wisenav machine installations between 1 October and 15 December, Yamabiko is automatically offering an extended 3-year subscription to the portal and free 4G data.

The value per machine is approximately

Robot Item description 3 years
BR/EE-060-00000 BM/TM2000 177€
BR/EE-060-00003 PM/TM1000 147€
BR/EE-060-00025 BM/TM2050 597€
BR/EE-060-00025 BM/TM2050 + 4G 894€
BR/EE-060-00026 BM/TM1050 447€
BR/EE-060-00026 BM/TM1050 + 4G 744€
BR/EE-060-00005 BP/RP1200 177€
BR/EE-060-00028 BP/RP1250 597€
BR/EE-060-00028 BP/RP1250 + 4G 894€

All new machines installed in the Benelux during this period will benefit from automatic renewal of the subscription and data charges. So you can call your undecided customers and try to convince them to install this year thanks to this promotion. You don’t need to do anything else.

Automatically, all new machines installed during the period 1 October – 15 December will receive the automatic renewal of the subscription and data charges:

  • until 31/12/2026 for RTK models
  • until 31/12/2028 for random models

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