The popularity of professional robot mowers has been growing in recent years. At the same time, certain myths and false ideas have sprung up around them. Do you think they are very expensive and give a poor return on investment? Do you think they only work on perfectly regular lawns? Or that they are unsafe around children or animals? Discover the truth about the myths surrounding professional robot mowers.

Myth 1: Robot mowers are a danger to animals

Safety. It’s a subject that often comes up when discussing robot mowers. Gardens and lawns are natural habitats. A playground for animals. Especially hedgehogs. Are their lives under threat from robot mowers? You can stop worrying about that particular concern.

Belrobotics robot mowers detect obstacles in their vicinity. They slow down, stop, or adjust their trajectory proactively. So there is no danger to children, animals, or any other object that might be on your lawn. Only advantages.

Myth 2: Robot mowers are not suitable for irregular lawns

Your lawn is probably not as flat as a pancake. That’s normal. With their robust design, non-skid wheels, and sensors, robot mowers can detect obstacles in their path. They easily adapt to irregular terrain.

Every mower in the Belrobotics range will navigate over irregular lawns without any difficulty.
The programming can specify whether your lawn should be mown randomly or according to a specific model. Robot mowers can also be equipped with sensors to detect the more sensitive areas of the lawn. Result: A uniform, precise cut, even on an irregular lawn.

Myth 3: Limited product life and operating time

Robot mowers are very durable. Provided you comply with the guidelines for their use and maintenance. The working life of parts depends on several factors:

  • The operating environment of the robots
  • Frequency of use
  • Regularity and quality of maintenance

To give your equipment a long working life, regular cleaning of the rotating shafts and replacement of worn blades are essential.

A well-maintained robot mower can last up to 15 years. But worn parts such as the battery, blades, and wheels need to be replaced after five or ten years of use. Belrobotics professional robot mowers are built using high-quality materials and designed to withstand harsh weather. Even under difficult or extreme operating conditions, automatic mowers are robust, practical lawn maintenance tools.

Myth 4: Professional robot mowers are noisy

Noise. This myth goes hand-in-hand with the myth about durability. Robot mowers are equipped with electric motors. They are very quiet and environmentally friendly. Of course, the design of the robot mower can also affect the noise it makes during use. As an example? The Bigmow robot.
The noise made by our professional robot mowers is comparable to the sound of birds chirping.
In other words, a sound level of 52 dB.

Choose a real professional robot, provide regular maintenance, and enjoy the sounds of nature in your green spaces.

Myth 5: Maintenance is expensive and frequent

Maintenance costs are an important consideration when budgeting for a robot mower. Professional robot mowers require annual servicing to maintain optimum operation. This servicing is not actually a cost; it’s your best investment as a manager or owner of a large property. Robot mowers eliminate all the disadvantages of conventional mowing. They put an end to all the labour costs and continual maintenance of thermal mowers. Try our simulator and make the mowing cost comparison yourself.

Myth 6: Automatic mowers do not operate in rain

Storms and rain have never been compatible with electrical devices. But Belrobotics professional robot mowers can mow in the rain. They are enclosed in a waterproof, dustproof casing. So a bit of inclement weather will not prevent them from working 24/7. In case of frost, an adjustable temperature control stops the mowing to protect your grass.

You naturally remain in charge of your equipment. A garage for your robot mower can come in handy in many cases. Modern robot mowers are equipped with rain sensors. Would you prefer that they returned to their docking stations? Simply program them to return automatically in case of bad weather. This will prevent any damage to the electronic components.

Myth 7: Robot mowers are easily stolen

You can forget about this myth. Professional robot mowers have a theft prevention system.
They have several tracking and traceability features that help to protect them from theft. Belrobotics robot mowers are equipped with a built-in GPS system. They are linked to their grounds and require a docking station to operate. An important feature that discourages would-be thieves.

Our Connected Line range lets you track their position via the mobile app or a web browser. You can receive notifications in case of a malfunction or unexpected movement of the mower. Feeling reassured?

Myth 8: A boundary wire is always necessary

In fact, installing a boundary wire to help robot mowers navigate has become old-fashioned. With Belrobotics, you benefit from the latest navigation innovations. The WiseNav technology developed by Belrobotics lets professional robot mowers travel without a boundary wire.

The combination of sensors, cameras, and an on-board GPS system lets the robots navigate independently and safely. You define the safety zones without a boundary wire. The GPS positions are programmed to within a centimetre, for efficient, standalone mowing.

Want to know more about the features of our robot mowers? Need additional information or a free quote? Contact our experts.