The Parcmow GPS-RTK is a real concentration of technology. No fewer than 9 stainless-steel blades ensure a perfect cut, regular and silent! 5 sonars stop the blades rotating in the event of encountering an obstacle, thereby guaranteeing safety for everyone. The Parcmow GPS-RTK offers a 63.3 cm wide strip and cuts in pleasing regular stripes. It charging process is automatic and its annual energy consumption is barely 580 kWh.

Attention, in order to benefit from the GPS-RTK technology, your ground must meet certain criteria and not contain too many trees. A good connection is also necessary, along with installation of a terminal.

  • Mowing capacity up to 45,000 m²
  • 3 independent floating mowing heads
  • Energy savings
  • Complete safety thanks to 5 sonars
  • Mowing capacity
    Up to 45.000 m2
  • Cutting method
    3 independent floating mowing heads
  • Safety
    5 sonars


  • Sports club:

    Bigmow manages the mowing of a driving range of up to 20.000 m². In turn, the Ballpicker returns 12.000 balls in 24 hours, over an area that may extend to up to 30.000 m².

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  • Sports club:

    Our robot mowers manage all your pitches as the grass grows, from their configuration and the number of adjacent zones.

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  • Business:
    large grounds

    Our technology allows you to contain your expenses in a way that benefits a sustainable policy and a reduction in your ecological footprint.

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  • Individuals:
    Parks and Gardens

    Thousands of private gardens and parks are already connected to our Connected Line. We know your priorities.

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Connected line app and web portal

Your robot mower can work completely autonomously, which is due to carefully worked-out programming. And to make your life even easier, our professional automowers are connected to a web portal to allow them to be controlled from the Belrobotics application. You can also manage your fleet of robot mowers entirely from your tablet or your smartphone.

Find out about our simplified user interface, the exceptional user-friendliness of the application and new functions.


Photo Gallery

The mower in action!