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Sports grounds and Bigmow
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The Bigmow robotic mower maintains the grass of more than 600 sports fields. It improves the quality of the grass and lets you make significant savings.


Always at the recommended cutting height
50% savings
3 to 5 mowings per week
more than 600 football clubs are equipped!
Silvia Gierlinger
The BIGMOW has allowed us to drastically reduce our operating costs. Our low-profit maintenance contracts now pay well. Not to mention the fact that the reduced amount of chemical fertilisers has a financial and ecological impact.

Silvia Gierlinger

Günter Gierlinger Gardening Service (Upper Austria)

Susanne Walter
Now ten of our twelve fields have a BIGMOW each. I have noticed structural improvements in the grass, which has become more dense, with a better and more vivacious appearance. I was really surprised by how well the grass naturally grows back in heavy-traffic areas, such as the goalmouth.

Susanne Walter

Groundskeeper in Bielefeld (Germany)

Fun for players

Belrobotics robotic mowers are the ideal solution for your sports grounds: football, rugby, baseball, etc.

Mowing is always equal and regular, and playing conditions stay the same from one match to the next.

The grass is more supple and more uniform, which improves the trajectory of the ball, the precision of shots, and the playing sensations.

The grass is better anchored in the ground, and is more impact-resistant. The playing area remains in perfect condition, without grass being torn out.

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Autonomous mowing

Belrobotics autonomous mowers keep lawns in good trim without any human intervention. Several advantages for you:

  • Cheaper
  • No more mowing chores
  • Impeccable lawns in better condition
  • 100% ecological
  • Total safety
Cut your mowing expenses in half

A Bigmow costs far less to purchase than a professional cylinder mower

The Bigmow divides your energy cost by a factor of three. This results in annual savings of 500 to 1000 euros per football pitch.

No cuttings to pick up, remove, or process.

Save time, transport costs, and fuel because the mower no longer needs to be transported from one field to another.

Major reduction in labour costs.

Elimination or reduction of associated costs: scarification, coring, watering, chemical fertilisers, weed treatment, etc.

Easy maintenance

The Bigmow autonomous mower significantly reduces routine treatments and care, helping to alleviate the overall cost of garden and sports ground care.

Soil damage

An electric lawnmower is lighter than a petrol lawnmower, and does not damage the lawn, even when wet.


Belrobotics robotic mowers reduce the risk of grass diseases developing.


No waste to pick up, transport, or process.

Damage to borders.

Athletics tracks can be crossed without damage.


The autonomous mower's constant operation and the vibrations it transmits into the ground repel moles.

Chemical fertilisers

Constant mulching fertilises the grass naturally and reduces the need for chemical fertilisers.

Coring and scarification

The mower does not compact the soil, so coring and scarification are not necessary.


  • Reduced ecological footprint
  • 10 times less CO2 emissions
  • 3 times less energy.
  • Not harsh on the environment
  • No noise pollution
  • Less watering, less chemical fertiliser and less weed, clover and moss treatment.
Ajax Amsterdam Football Club use the Bigmow

Total safety

  • Theft and malfunction alerts
  • Multiple safety features
  • Guidance system
  • Accident prevention

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The Bigmow is the groundskeeper's most valuable helper.

Automated mowing can massively reduce manual tasks, which consume a lot of time and physical effort. The Bigmow automatically mows the entire lawn three to five times per week, avoids the stress of seasonal peaks, and guarantees perfect mowing at all times.

Visible quality of the grass, thanks to constant mulching.

On amateur and municipal fields, grass generally grows 40 mm per week, or as much as 80 mm on professional sports grounds. This growth doesn't bother the Bigmow which, with its constant mulching, revolutionises the maintenance of football pitches.

The sharp blades of the Bigmow cut cleanly and regularly, favouring grass growth. The grass is visibly more beautiful, denser, and becomes an ideal playing area.