Every Golf pro's dream

Driving ranges cause a lot of headaches for golf club managers. How do you maintain the grass and pick up balls under the best possible quality, safety, and cost conditions?

20,000 m2 of mowing by Bigmow
50% savings
12,000 balls picked up by Ballpicker
24/7 driving range open
Frédéric Cahay
Our Bigmow robotic mowers are electric, which fits in perfectly with our philosophy of making course management more environment-friendly. 
Our ballpickers are a tireless and reliable assistant, as well as an economically beneficial acquisition.

Frédéric Cahay

Head Greenkeeper, Naxhelet Golf Club (Belgium)

Jesper Kristensen
We save fuel, CO2 emissions and greenkeeper time, but the most important thing is the driving range is open to players all day long and also in the evening.

Jesper Kristensen

Head Greenkeeper, Værløse Golf Club (Denmark)

The combination « of Belrobotics robotic mowers with ball pickers » answers this question. The Bigmow and the Ballpicker automate these tasks and allow personnel to spend their time on more useful and rewarding activities.

World exclusive

Our future generation of very high capacity robots will soon extend their range of action to the fairways.

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Automatic mowing and ball pick-up

The Bigmow and Ballpicker work in tandem to automate mowing and ball collection on the driving range. Several advantages for you:

Automatic mowing and ball pick-up
  • Reduced costs
  • Easy maintenance, without human intervention
  • Impeccable lawns, in better condition
  • Happy, satisfied golfers
  • Driving range opening hours can be extended
A hole in one for profitability!

The Bigmow and the Ballpicker cost much less to purchase than traditional professional equipment.

Hundreds of balls are retrieved instead of being left buried in the ground.

Clubs have confirmed that their Belrobotics equipment has paid for itself in less than two years.

The energy cost is three times less than for equivalent petrol-operated equipment.

Quiet operation (58 dB)

No cuttings to pick up, remove, or process.

Major reduction in labour costs. Personnel are freed from chores;

Driving range opening times can be extended;

No need to close the driving range for maintenance and pick-up work.

Easy maintenance

The Bigmow autonomous mower gives you a perfectly mown lawn at low cost and in perfect harmony with the environment. It significantly reduces routine treatments and care, helping to alleviate the overall cost of sports ground care.

Soil damage

An electric lawnmower is lighter than a petrol lawnmower, and does not damage the lawn, even when wet.


No waste to pick up, transport, or process.


The mower does not compact the soil, so coring is not necessary.


Scarification is not normally necessary.


  • Reduced ecological footprint
  • 10 times less CO2 emissions
  • 3 times less energy.
  • Not harsh on the environment and no noise pollution
  • Less watering, less chemical fertiliser and less weed, clover and moss treatment.
  • No exhaust gases or odours likely to annoy golfers or local residents.

Total safety

  • Theft and malfunction alerts
  • Multiple safety features
  • Guidance system
  • Accident prevention

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Bigmow autonomous mower

This robot continuously cuts the grass to optimum length, giving the driving range an area of comparable quality to a fairway. The Bigmow special Golf series robotic mower is equipped with devices that protect the balls from the cutting blades and avoid embedding them in the ground.

Exclusive cutting technology: The Bigmow has five floating cutting heads. Each head is equipped with three stainless steel blades, which are as sharp as a scalpel and pulverise the grass into very fine particles (constant mulching).

A driving range to be proud of

Constant mulching strengthens the grass and gives it a flawless appearance. Your vision of the ball's point of impact is precise, the bounce is realistic, and the ball rolls as it would on a fairway.

Automatic reloading

The Bigmow robotic mower and the Ballpicker ball collector go about their tasks independently and imperturbably, programmed according to user requirements (time slots, mowing frequency, etc.)

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