Centimetre accuracy

Thanks to the link with a fixed GPS – RTK receiver (placed on your property), satellites from four constellations guide the robot’s trajectory (and apply corrections).  Your robot continually calculates its exact position to within 2 cm. This ultra-precise localisation lets you mow a larger surface in a regular pattern. Down to the slightest detail.

Heightened performance

By avoiding overlapping trajectories, the new RTK technology mows your fields faster. You can count on a threefold increase in capacity. The mowing potential of the various models has been upgraded: a professional automatic mower mows a larger area in less time, and there is less wear and tear on the components. In short: you will optimise your maintenance teams, save an impressive amount of time, and your user experience will reach a higher level.

Ever more robust equipment

Our on-board cutting-edge technologies go hand in hand with the durability of our automatic mowers. Our range is designed for professional use with a view to the continuous maintenance of thousands of square metres until the most challenging working conditions. The components have a solid design for unprecedented long life and impact resistance. A long-term vision.

Remote configuration

All professional robotic mowers equipped with RTK technology also benefit from the Belrobotics app and portal. You can configure the mower remotely, according to your needs: cutting height, mowing times, working areas, GPS return points, etc., and of course the fleet management system feature, to view the performance of your fleet, identify your robots’ positions in real time, and view any alarms.

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