Belrobotics football

for driving range




The Ballpicker automatically collects golf balls on driving ranges. Its advanced technology using a computer to activate 5 groups of 4 discs, makes it possible to silently and systematically collect the balls. Once its ball tank is full, the Ballpicker returns to its base to unload the balls and recharge its batteries. This tireless worker, capable of collecting up to 12,500 balls per day, is the most reliable and economic assistant for driving range managers.


The world's best golf ball collector is coupled with the most powerful robot mower on the market, for the maintenance of driving ranges.

The Ballpicker works perfectly with the Bigmow on driving ranges. Whilst the Ballpicker, tirelessly and silently, collects picks up balls without pressing them into the ground and then returns them to the drop zone, the Bigmow simultaneously cuts the driving range, raising the balls above the cutting heads to keep them intact. The practice range is perfectly managed and maintained without human effort or even interrupting the players' practice.



The Belrobotics robots are already being used on a number of practice ranges of renowned golf clubs in Scandinavia, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain …

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